Lauren mabry

I make sculptures which I see as three dimensional paintings made of ceramic and glaze. I am an object maker, but my attraction is primarily to surface; the form is a canvas. The clay forms I produce are elemental, like Cylinders, which allow the highly pigmented glazes to clash and resound with a kind of musical timbre, flowing with movement, creating rich, hypnotic tones and textures. I see the edge of a Cylinder in space as if it were a flattened rectangle, and I compose the surfaces as I shift my perspective between object and image.

Working with glaze is working with transformative color. Each piece is radically changed in the kiln by heat and chemical reactions that appear almost haphazard, but are highly calculated. It is an inherently complex process which produces surfaces that are unlike any other; luminous, seductive, deep, and complex. Increasingly, I am driven to explore the order of things in a process; telling a story through dimensional composition about materiality, movement and color.